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  • Repairs and Replacements Completed in 2016-2017
  • Installing a pool security system complete with key fob entry, video surveillance and LED lighting. (Spring 2016–$5267.31, lighting–$592.70)
  • Repairing leaking sinks, non-working water fountain and urinal, push button shower. (Fall 2016–$840)
    2 new toilets installed. (Fall 2017–$516)
  • Moving towards more automatic functions at the pool to reduce costs (including internet set-up): New atomic timer to control LED security lighting & automatic lighting in the restrooms (2016–$1063.32)
    Wi-Fi is now available to all neighbors that visit the pool area and it provides remote access to the key fob database and surveillance video feeds. (2016–$306.66)
  • New signs were purchased for the pool area including a new pool rules sign (2017–$344.05)
  • All pool dining chairs (14) are new this year. (2017–$3302.07)
  • Matching market umbrellas (24) were purchased, along with 2 roll shades to provide needed shade at the pool. (2016 and 2017–$392.71)
  • Termite activity detected at the pool house and treatment completed. (2017–$400)
    2 new rolling trash cans with lids makes collecting trash easier and keeps animals out. (2017–$168.59)
  • Men’s and Women’s restrooms & entry stairs have been painted by volunteers. (2016–$449.43)
    Pool was resurfaced using a high quality epoxy paint. The blue tiles around the top of the pool were repaired. (Fall 2016-$8222)
  • After a leak detection test (yearly test) was preformed it was determined that several pool leaks were in need of repair. The pool leaks were repaired. (Fall 2016–part of painting charge)
  • Cracks in the pool skimmers were repaired (Fall 2016–$240)
    New automatic LED lighting was installed at the 83rd Street entrance & the metal pillars were repainted. (2017–$600)
  • Dead trees have been removed from the common ground and new landscaping has been planted. (2017–$220 for tree removal–landscaping donated by Illusion)
  • New handrails for pool (Fall 2016–$1468.66)
    Canopy (2017–$129.71)
  • Water heater and various plumbing repairs (2017–$775)


Upcoming Repairs for 2018
  • Although the skimmers were repaired last fall, one did not hold. It will need to be replaced. The process involves jackhammering out the skimmer located at the Southeast corner of the pool and replacing it with a new one. The new skimmer will be placed in a protected sleeve that will eliminate the need to jackhammer it out if in the future it should need repairs. This repair costs $1,600.00. This repair was an unscheduled repair.
  • Every 2 years the sand and filter must be replaced and this is the year to do that. Our new higher capacity pump was installed 2 years ago. The cost is $620.00.
    The coping tiles (the large tile that surrounds the pool) needs to be replaced. It is failing and allowing for water to leak out of the pool. The current coping tile will be replaced with Travertine tile and completed with a strong caulking to prevent leaks. This repair costs $9,100.00.
    The pool cover has dry rot and the UV protection is failing which protects the new epoxy surface of the pool. The cover will need to be replaced in 2018 and cost $3,000.00. This replacement was unscheduled, also.
  • Bids are being gathered for replacement of the concrete pool decking and pool lounge chairs.
    Finally, here is what we are doing to keep you more informed:

    • Contacting all neighbors by 10/27 to update contact info
    • Sharing email message of communication changes ahead
    • No more physical newsletter–all neighborhood info and calendar details will be part of a bi-monthly digital newsletter
    • Website will be updated with specific member login info. No more universal all-neighborhood login
    • Website content refresh–emphasis on more consistency in providing more compelling content.

submitted by Pat Rainey

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