Up a Tree with the Eagles!

This is a cool story about my niece, Amanda, and Bald Eagles. In June, several of us took a trip to Northern Manitoba—way, way north where daylight lasts for 21 hours and the wildlife vastly out number the human population.

Cruising to one fishing spot after another, we would frequently spot large eagles’ nests. This one was just off the shore and loaded with branches all the way to the nest.

Amanda was enthusiastic for the climb and with her cell phone camera in her chest pocket, up she went. Her Dad, my brother Rob, can be heard coaching her along the way. It is pretty entertaining—especially the periodic references to “very safe” and “very strong branch”. The whole idea of climbing trees in remote wilderness areas to observe eagles is not something that should be casually mentioned along with safety.

You can hear the irritated mom and dad Eagles in the background and one or the other frequently passes over the nest as Amanda becomes the invader. We quickly scooted out of the area after the adventure. We later passed the nest on a couple more trips around the lake and parents and eaglets seemed no worse for our annoying behavior.

Rob is a licensed falconer and has over 35 years experience with raptors of all types. He was confident the Bald Eagles would not attack Amanda. At least, that is what he said… Amanda is her own seasoned outdoor adventurer as a result of my brother’s influence.


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