Our Bridge Pointe Pool: Cooler Than You Think!

The Bridge Pointe Pool is a bigger deal to this neighborhood than you might think.

One benefit of the new card entry system (now in its second year) is the information now available regarding how much the pool is being used, by who, and when.

*Here are some key and interesting data points from this summer:

  • 107 (53%) households visited the pool
  • 9 visits was the average per household
  • 35 households had 9 or more visits to the pool
  • Saturday and Sunday are the biggest days to visit the pool–40% of visits happen on the weekend.
  • July 6 (Thu) and July 9 (Sun) were the two biggest days–101 visits

Continuing to monitor this data may help us determine some better times to service the pool during the summer. The information also adds justification to ongoing efforts to bring up the level of maintenance the pool deserves to keep it looking like a neighborhood asset we care about.

*The card system measures “unlocks” connected to specific neighborhood addresses. I have substituted households for addresses and unlocks for visits in order to make the data simple to understand.

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