The Day the Drone Flew Over Bridge Pointe!

Jason announces websiteJason (Bridge Pointe Homes Association President) knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy that flew drones…Actually, that ¬†human connection chain is probably overstated–but it sounds more clandestine.

Anyway, the pilot shows up and immediately gets to it. You would not believe the wind that was going on that day. Gusts of 40 mph. Who knows what the wind was doing at 500 feet on top of our hill?

Watch the video from the homepage of our website and pick out your house. I think we have a great looking neighborhood but it even looks better from above. We managed to catch Bob Hiatt walking his dog and some people seemed worried about our little survelliance operation.

And the wind? You really can’t tell that this 8 lb. drone was flying in a small hurricane. Amazing.

Enjoy this and other videos to come. We would love to hear your ideas for things you would like to see on!


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