Ode to Summer

This from Mackensie of Marengo, IA as posted on TeenInk.com:

Season of heat and fun,
Glowing bronze skin
tanned from the hot, shining sun.
Sprinklers wet the lush green grass.
The constant hum of lawnmowers,
Like locusts on a summer night
The newly cut grass smells fresh.
Children on bikes rush by,
head toward the swimming pool
with their goggles and towels in hand.
The nice cold water feels great on a hot day.
It is refreshing to go under and drift away.
The days are longer and time seems endless.
As the summer sun sets,
Night falls, blanketing the Earth with stars.
The stars, in the sky, so bright.
And bon fires light the night.
Fireflies dance around,
We gather around the fire,
to enjoy s’mores and stories.
The ooey gooey s’mores taste like
sweet summer bliss in my mouth
The care-free feeling of summer,
no school, no worries,
just freedom.
What will tomorrow bring?
The possibilities are endless,
So much to do and only so much time.
Vacation will end before I know it.
Once it ends, you will want it all back
again, So make it last.
Make it fun,
Only three short months,
Of days in the summer sun.

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