June 25th Neighborhood Meeting Report

About 15 neighbors gathered on the Bridge Pointe swimming pool deck at 7pm, Sunday, June 25, to learn about recent developments with the homes association, obtain answers to questions, and discuss the future.

President Jason White reported that all plumbing issues have been resolved.  The shower, toilets, leaks, water heater and urinal valve all are fixed or replaced.  The swimming pool was painted last autumn, allowing plenty of time for the paint to cure before the current swim season opened.  The last pine tree was removed several weeks ago.   New chairs have replaced the old, worn-out chairs.  The only significant extraordinary expense has been about $600 more than expected for water service.  Although an undetected leak may be present, the more likely reason is the need to fill the pool entirely (after complete draining to paint it last year), rather than filling it partially as in past years when much water was left in the pool during the off-season.

A new free library, the Bridge Pointe Book Station, is in place on the pool parking lot, assembled and financed completely by volunteers.  Volunteers also have keep the pool operating smoothly, taking week-long turns at closing the pool by collecting trash, closing doors and securing umbrellas.  The season started with ten umbrellas, but only two remain – largely because umbrellas are not closed when patrons leave, thus allowing wind to destroy them.  The association is saving lots of money by not paying lifeguards, which increases the need for all neighbors to pick up trash, return chairs and tables to where they previously were, and close the umbrellas when leaving – or when wind arrives.

Dumpster Day, starting at 8amMay 27, went well.  The dumpster was full by 9am.  U.S. flags have been placed on lampposts, again by volunteers and donors at no cost to the association.   The Independence Day celebration and parade will begin at 10am, July 4.   The All-Neighbors Pool Party will be from 4 to 7pm on July 15.

Electronic fob entry to the swimming pool has been working well, and information about fob usage is being captured.   By June 25, fobs belonging to 102 households were used.  Two households were denied access for failure to pay annual dues.  Of the 201 households in BridgePointe, only three have not paid dues yet.  Neighbors discussed the advantages and disadvantages of selling pool passes to non-neighbors.  Most neighbors at the meeting disfavored admitting non-neighbors, and the group finally decided that analsysis of pool usage is needed before considering the matter further.

Absent a large and unexpected expense, the reserve fund (to pay for large expenses in the future) will grow by $25,000 to $28,000, which will help toward the long-overdue catching up that’s needed to prepare for major repairs or replacements in future years.

No decision has been made on whether dues will increase for next, pending the annual review, revision and recommendation  of the five-year plan for capital improvements.  New neighbor Craig Knaak is joining the committee, which tentatively also includes Brian McCrary, George Roberts, Mike Power and Dave Mecklenberg.

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