Financial Projection and Reserve Study Update to the 5-Year Plan…

Several of our neighbors have commented on the 5-Year Plan and the fact that the financial and reserve projections have already changed. That observation is correct and the updated version is included here and can be found as a menu item on this website. Updated 5-Year Plan Financial Projection and Reserve Study

It is important to share in this post that the financial and reserve projections will need to be updated at least annually and it is expected that the 5-Year Plan Committee will do the work to keep the plan current as time marches on.

Change is an inherent part of such planning–costs can move (mostly up) and circumstances such as timing and specific needs become clearer as the need for action moves from projection to reality.

The updated financial and reserve plan as seen here was the subject of the board vote on August 7th and the subject of multiple public meetings prior to that vote. The minutes for the August 7th meet (and previous meetings) are available for viewing on this website. Board Minutes



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