Bridge Pointe by the Numbers: Reserves are Improving!

It is time for a mid-year financial report (June 30th) for our Bridge Pointe association. See some highlights below. Obviously, there is a focus on cash reserves and our board is improving that situation. As mentioned in a previous post, the 5-Year Planning Committee is working on refining the long-term plan ahead of some coming decisions regarding dues. A full mid-year statement will be published to the neighborhood at the time of the next newsletter.

Total Dues Revenue collected CYTD: $64,316

Other Revenue CYTD: $1,925.18

Total Operating Expense CYTD: $27,362.30

            Memo: Pool Expense CYTD: $16,787.80

CYTD Percent Budget Spent: 54%

Cash on hand as of June 30th: $27,523.29

Cash Reserve Fund (not included in Cash on Hand): $20,040.52

Number of homeowners with unpaid 2016 Dues: 3

Outstanding amount of unpaid dues: $1,023.96


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