In Attendance: Bob, Adam Lother, Cole Temnam, Ron Paulick, Joanne Link, Jay Rosenbaum

  • BP Pool Restroom renovation: Ron Paulick
    • Looking through available options to give nice, upgraded look to bathrooms
    • Changing out old screens needed for ventilation
  • Financial update- Joanne
    • Income: $74,130
    • Other Income: $105.21
    • Expenses: $7,713.26
    • Checking: $58,395.90
    • Reserves: $68,473.93
      • 25 houses left to pay HOA fees
    • Calendar Update- Cole and Jay
      • Easter Egg hunt, Moving dumpster day, Northland night at the pool, pool opening, TGIF’s
    • Easter Egg hunt-Cole
      • Need to mark off age groups for hunt
      • Snacks?
      • Drinks?
    • Flags-Ed is starting to put up soon
    • BP spring Volunteer Day- May 21
      • Pool prep, signs, parking lot, etc.
    • Northland Night at the pool- may 25
      • Reps from KCPD, City Hall, and Clay County
    • Pool update- Jason and Bob
    • Reserve Study Review- Bob and Cole
    • Web site updates/ focus on updating directory

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