Bridge Pointe Board Meeting – April 30, 2017


The meeting was conducted the home of Joanne Link.  The meeting was called to order shortly after 7:00 pm.


The following Bridgepointe Board Officers were present:

  • Jason White (President)
  • Christi Smith (Vice President)
  • Matt Ryan (Pool)
  • Bob Hiatt (Landscaping)
  • Kristy Cofer (Secretary)
  • Joanne Link, Treasurer)
  • Terry Crawford (Architecture)


Neighborhood Residences present:

  • none


  1. Opening remarks and overview from Jason White, President
  2. Officers Updates
    1. Jason White (President)-
      1. Opening the pool is the priority
      2. JDW Electric is done with the wiring and everything is functioning correctly
  • Key Fobs updated –active/paid dues; inactive/unpaid dues (as neighbors pay their dues the key fobs will be activated)
  1. Phone reactivated
  2. Finalize role of Northland Pools in patching tiles and completing the repair of the underwater lights (work included in last year’s bid for pool painting).
  3. Garage Sales signs up at the front entrances.
  • 5 Year Committee-gather additional volunteers to serve.
  1. Christi Smith (Vice President)
    1. Calendar updates—upcoming garage sales; contact Synergy about curbside pick up.
    2. May 12 Crawford’s to host TGIF
  • May 27th Dumpster Day 8-10am
  1. Pool Opening-Memorial Day (decide on the food—examples included hotdogs, buns, chips, cookies, drinks, ice, ketchup/mustard)
  2. Book Station Opening—Memorial Day weekend
  3. Pool Cleanup/BBQ Showdown: for all neighbors to attend with a side dish. Move cleanup time to later in the afternoon closer to time for the BBQ.
  • Pool Cleanup tasks-power wash, stain, paint, replace broken reclining brackets on loungers (ordered), finish painting men’s restroom, install roll shade & general cleanup.
  1. Matt Ryan (Pool)
    1. Lifesaving equipment at the pool to be ordered—only a new life saving ring with rope is required
    2. Backboard to be refinished by Matt Ryan—straps, velcro & and head blocks are in working condition
  2. Bob Hiatt (Landscaping)
    1. N. Wayne entrance sign—plant a tree behind it
    2. Replace a tree at the pool parking lot area
  • Dead Ash trees throughout the neighborhood are not the HOA’s responsibility. The ash trees were planted by the city.
  1. Kristy Cofer (Secretary)
    1. Continue to improve and streamline communication.
    2. Research the use of an email service for enhance communication with the neighborhood.
  2. JoAnne Link
    1. Financial update as of 4-30-17.
    2. Marcy VanDyke reviewed the financials this quarter.
  • Quick review:


Revenue (Dues) = $69,065.63

Other Revenue = $341.20

Total Expenses = $8134.46

15 households left to pay

Bank balance = $53,194.17

Reserves = $22,011.10


  1. Review Profit and Loss Sheet below
4-30-17 profit and loss





The HOA Board meeting adjourned around 9:00pm

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