Bridge Pointe Board Meeting – March 12, 2017

The meeting was conducted the home of Terry Anderson.  The meeting was called to order shortly after 7:00 pm.

The following Bridge Pointe Board Officers were present:

  • Jason White (President)
  • Christi Smith (Vice President)
  • Matt Ryan (Pool)
  • Bob Hiatt (Landscaping)
  • Kristy Cofer (Secretary)
  • Joanne Link, Treasurer)
  • Terry Crawford (Architecture)

Neighborhood Residences present:

  • Ken Nelson
  1. Opening remarks and overview from Jason White, President
  2. Officers Updates
    1. Jason White (President)-
      1. Board meeting agendas will be sent out to the board the Thursday/Friday before the meeting for comments, then will be posted to the Bridge Pointe website.
      2. Pool dining chairs ordered—decided to keep current color pattern due to the fact the chairs/loungers will be replaced over time.
      3. Advertising on the website inquiries: current decision is not to allow advertising, due to the increased work load on the webmaster and the need to vet companies before allowing them to advertise.
      4. Jeff Williams, JD Electric, to connect the router to the Wi-Fi to complete the security system at the pool.
      5. 5 Year Committee-gather additional volunteers to serve.
  1. Christi Smith (Vice President)
    1. Calendar updates—continually working to revise and publish the 2017 HOA calendar
  2. Matt Ryan (Pool)
    1. Lifesaving equipment at the pool needs to be assessed and replaced based on pool regulations.
    2. “Smile you’re on camera” signs to be added to the pool areas.
    3. Detailed list of projects to be created and posted to the neighborhood in hopes of finding willing volunteers to come help at the pool during the BBQ Showdown. Using volunteers to complete work, will keep the costs of hiring professionals to complete projects down.
  1. Bob Hiatt (Landscaping)
    1. Purchased additional roll shade for the pergola area and will install before the start of the pool season.
    2. Garage Sale will be May 13th and the Dumpster day will be May 20th
    3. Paint and stain the pergola, retaining wall on N Wayne and metal entrance pillars on 83rd St. this year.
    4. Little Library proposal: The board voted to allow the construction and use of a little lending library funded by donations to be placed at the pool area.
  1. Kristy Cofer (Secretary)
    1. Communication protocol: All released information to the neighborhood will be sent to webmaster to post on the website, then using the newly created URL link, additional avenues of communicating will follow. All communications (newsletters, emails, Facebook posts, etc) will include the URL link to the Bridge Pointe website.  The website will be the one permanent place neighbors can go to gather information and view the calendar of events.
  2. Terry Crawford (Architecture)
    1. Questions about type of fencing allowed in Bridge Pointe—no chain link allowed
    2. Cars parked on the street at night will be giving warnings to move them to allow for flow of traffic.
  3. JoAnne Link
    1. Financial update as of 2-28-17
    2. Marcy VanDyke has volunteered to review the financials quarterly. A formal audit will be arranged and voted on in the future.
    3. Review Profit and Loss Sheet
YTD 2-28-17 Profit and Loss (1) (1)

The HOA Board meeting adjourned around 9:00pm




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