5-Year Planning for Bridge Pointe

If you visited the pool last summer, you might have noticed some issues that, taken as a whole, might cause you to wonder if our pool could use some TLC. These issues are on the minds of those serving on the 5-Year Planning Committee (5-YPC) which was appointed by the board earlier this year. The pool requires over 50% of the operating budget for the Homes Association and tends to be the “face” of the neighborhood in terms of how we take care of everything else. As new move-ins will attest, the pool can be the determining factor for buyers as they decide between the various neighborhoods on their short list.

The 5-YPC has produced a plan to organize repair/replace decisions for the pool and all neighborhood assets as well as the related costs. From this plan, a reserve study was developed which will help determine how to fund the plan from dues paid by each homeowner in Bridge Pointe. The 5-YPC is awaiting a date to present their findings to the Bridge Pointe Homes Association Board of Directors. Once the plan is presented and approved, it is anticipated that the plan will be printed and shared with all 201 homeowners in our community. It is also likely that a special meeting will be called for the same purpose of sharing and discussing the plan.

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