5-Year Plan Revealed

Last night (4/20/16), as the 5YP Committee, we outlined by individual asset line-item where, in terms of timing over 5 years, investment or replacement decisions need to be made. Only one neighbor outside of The Board or 5YP Committee was in attendance. I found this concerning just from the perspective of living in BP. On the other hand, in 20 plus years of living here, I never attended a board or annual meeting until late 2015. Still, we are facing some big issues that are impactful to all of us.

What the 5YP and Reserve Study reveal is a little intimidating financially to contemplate–we need to catch up to maintenance needs and reserve (save) for the future. However, I am excited that, with some board guidance and refinement, we will have a way forward that will continue to build pride in and enthusiasm for Bridge Pointe.

This is all now in the hands of our very capable President, Jason White, and the equally thoughtful and competent board of directors. They are considering our various proposals and will soon provide a structure for reaching agreement, communicating to all of us, and a way forward to keep our home values rising and our neighborhood vibrant.

Click here to view the documents that were presented and discussed in this meeting.

Patrick J Rainey
5-YP Committee Chair

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