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We DO NOT Have Lifeguards on Duty!

Bridge Pointe Homes Association 2017 Swimming Pool Rules and Information


 Entry of Pool and General Rules:

The pool is for use only by Bridge Pointe homeowners and their guests. Homeowners have key fobs for admittance to pool. Fobs are activated for admittance after paying Association dues and late fees. Residents who have not received a key fob should contact their block captains.

The 2017 pool season begins on Saturday, May 27 and ends on Monday, September 4. Daily hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

All residents must have their key fobs to gain access to the pool. The key fob will admit residents and their guests. Residents may not to lend, give or sell fobs to anyone.

Each resident and/or guest under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by and supervised by a person who is at least 16 years old. Any person supervising children under age 14 must remain in the pool area during the entire time the underage children are in the pool area.


Each household may bring as many as four (4) guests at a time. Residents who bring guests must accompany the guests at all times while in the pool area.

All residents and their guests are required to behave appropriately, with courtesy to other pool patrons, refraining from the use of foul language and from behavior which is annoying or unsafe.

Pool patrons are required to shower before entering the pool.  A shower is available for use on the south end of the pool house, between the women’s restroom and the parking lot.

Before departing, all pool patrons shall properly dispose of trash, and shall return pool furniture to the prior location.

Violations of pool rules should be reported to a homes association board member. All reports will be reviewed by the board. Pool privileges can be suspended for individuals who violate the rules.

Prohibited Activities:

*Diving anywhere in the pool at any time.

*Possessing glass containers anywhere in the fenced pool area.

*Wearing inappropriate attire, including cutoff jeans.

*Failing to dispose of trash properly.

*Bringing or permitting pets into the pool area.

*Running, horseplay, excessive splashing or other activities which would endanger or annoy other patrons.

*Engaging in any illegal activities, including but not limited to the possession of drugs or fireworks, or providing alcohol to minors.

*Possessing any weapons, including firearms or knives.

*Skateboarding or rollerblading in the pool area, on the nearby sidewalks or in the parking lot.

*Possessing or using rafts or large inflatable toys.

*Failing to wear swim diapers by children who are not yet toilet trained.

*Smoking tobacco products in areas not designated for smoking.

Children’s Wading Pool:

The children’s wading pool is designated for use by small children under adult supervision. The wading pool is also not monitored by a lifeguard. Use of the pool is at the patron’s own risk. Children in the pool must have an adult in the pool with them at all times. Children left unattended will be required to leave the wading pool. Swim diapers are required for children not yet toilet trained.

Inclement Weather:

No persons should be in the pool while weather does not permit. Extreme rain, hail and lightning are grounds for temporary pool closing. No one shall be in the pool until 30 minutes after the last indication of lightning, including thunder.

Additional Information:

The pool address is 1419 NE 83rd St., Kansas City, Missouri   64118. The pool telephone number is 816-468-5393. The telephone is intended for outgoing emergency calls only. Contact any board member with questions, concerns or complaints. The Bridge Pointe pool contact is Matt Ryan (816-401-3995,

Rules are all subject to the agreement between the Bridge Pointe Homes Association and Northland Pool Management. If any inconsistencies exist between these rules and the agreement, the agreement controls.


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